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River boats in Ribeira Sacra: the Sil river Canyon and the Miño river 2024

The river boat routes through the Sil Canyon are the flagship product of the Ribeira Sacra. But, very few travelers know that there are many river routes and companies in Ribeira Sacra, which sail the Sil river Canyon and the Miño river, during 10 months along the year. 

If you want to know all about the companies that sail in the Ribeira Sacra rivers during the 2024 season, pay attention to what we are going to share with you...

Well, the first thing that you should to know is that not all companies follow the same route. On the one hand, there are many companies that sail on the Sil river and, on the other hand, there are different boats that sail the Miño river through the Ribeira Sacra.

By having this clear, we must understand that the complexity does not end there, because there are up to 6 piers, used by 7 different companies, from which we can board.

The most complex case is perhaps the Sil River, where 4 of these 6 piers are located and, in addition, the section that these river boats sail on this river covers around 24 kilometers; fact that forces the river routes to be divided into two different routes: Sil Canyon (located on the left side of the Sil river on the map) and the wine-making area (located on the right side of the Sil river on the map).

Is it clear? Well, now we will tell you which are the river boats companies that sail in the Ribeira Sacra. Let's start with the Sil river.

As we mentioned the Ribeira Sacra boats that sail on the Sil river navigate a section of about 24 kilometers, which they divide into two different routes: the Sil river Canyon and the Sil river wine-making area.

To take the boat ride through the Sil Canyon through the most steep area we have two options, which depart from 2 different piers (they are opposite on the river and without a near bridge to cross from one side to the other): Viajes Hemisferios and Siltrip. 

The Viajes Hemisferios boat (Santo Estevo pier) is the largest of those operating in this area of ​​the Sil river. It has a capacity for ninety passengers in one boat and 30 passengers in antoher boat and sails through the Sil Canyon for approximately an hour and a half. We travel with them during our Regular Excursion to Ribeira Sacra.

Note. until March 2024 available most of the days. From April 2024 on, available every day of the week.

While, Siltrip (Os Chancís pier) is a small boat, with capacity for 11 passengers. An hour long ride that ends with a tasting of Ribeira Sacra wine. Whenever we can, we sail with Siltrip during our private tours.

Note. Start of the 2024 season on March until october.

On the other hand, in the wine-making area of ​​the Sil river we have 3 companies: Diputación de Lugo, Viajes Pardo and Adega Algueira. The boats of these companies sail from opposite piers on the river, but there is a bridge over the Sil that connects them.

The Diputación de Lugo and Viajes Pardo offers the largest capacity in this area of ​​the Sil River. Two river routes between an hour and 45 minutes and two hours long, where we can see the impressive Ribeira Sacra sloping vineyards.

Note. Start of the 2024 season of Diputación de Lugo, on March 23rd. Start of the 2024 season of Viajes Pardo, information to be confirmed.


The smallest boat and also the shortest ride is Brandán managed by Adega Algueira, with capacity for 30 passengers. A tour totally focused on the world of wine. It is one of the chosen ones in our wine tours.

Note. 2024 season started, contact Algueira for booking info.

And there are also options for the more adventurous; the Sil river by kayak! :) 

(you can get more information if you contact with the Ribeira Sacra Tourism Consortium).


And finally, the boats on the Miño river. Here, there are 4 companies: two zodiac boats and a big river boat. A totally different landscape, but just as spectacular as the other area.

The Diputación de Lugo (Club Náutico de Belesar pier) is in charge of managing the larger capacity boats and is also the boat we use on our Regular Excursion in the Miño river. The vineyards on terraces, a river that seems a mirror or the leafiness of this area of the Miño river accompany us for an hour and 45 minutes long on this route.

Note. Start of the 2024 activity of Diputación de Lugo, on March 23rd.


While, the other alternative in the Miño river, is made up of three boats with small capacity, aimed at families or friends. The greater speed over the river and the small size of the zodiac boats of Quinta Sacra and Turismo Pantón (Belesar and Maiorga piers), or the hybrid boat (partially electric) of Sacra Activa, allow for advancing to more remote areas or going into inaccessible places to large vessels.

Note. 2024 contact them for booking info.

Whichever option you chose, it is very important to keep it in mind the orography of the Ribeira Sacra, because the rivers cannot be crossed at any point and the bridges or roads to cross them are limited. Therefore, we strongly advise planning arrival at boarding points ahead of time.

From Verdant Experiences we can make it easier for you to forget about some things such as planning, so if you want to include a river ride in your trip to the Ribeira Sacra, we can help you. We have all kinds of alternatives in this destination; from multi-day stays, tailor made tours, regular excursions or self guided routes specially created for you.

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